Hi there, pleased to meet you. Thank you for saying ‘hi’. We put people at the heart of every project to create future value.




This is why we love designing new ventures with a human-centered approach. We like to ‘think in sprints’ to co-create with business partners and deliver better results faster.









We work with people who want to make a positive impact.

For professionals

We are accompanying innovation processes of organisations. We focus on the requirements of digital transformation and on the innovative potential of new products and services in future markets and their foreseeable social acceptance.

For founders

We are sparring partners for start-up’s in the development of new products and services. We concentrate on the quality and plausibility of all factors for a successful market entry. As a rule, we are co-founders and shareholders of the companies.

For entrepreneurs

We develop our own ideas and projects to market maturity. Together with partners and investors, our goal is to establish independent companies. We understand ourselves as idea and impulse providers as well as companions in the starting phase up to the establishment of an enterprise.





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