Dr. Stephan Platt

I’m fascinated by the speed and radicalism of today’s transformation – and by its tremendous opportunity to change the world for better. Whole industries are trying hard to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant; yet, global giants are wiped away by platform businesses built on data and convincing purposes.

That’s where I put my focus on: driven by curiosity, I meet with the young or daring ones to challenge and refine their fresh and powerful ideas. As a savvy expert of brand and business management, I am proud to support new ventures in scraping out the core of a new product or service offering – making sure their mission is unique, contributes in solving a true problem of our world, and turns into a vibrant brand and successful business.

Together my friends and colleagues at 5WX, I am committed to co-create inspiring solutions: It’s the human mind, not the artificial intelligence that makes an impact.