Ferdinand Wagner

Inspiring other people is and will always be my greatest pleasure! And, therefore, this ist the most exciting time we are living in. Today’s thrive for ideas and the next »Big Thing« seems to be bigger then is was ever before. Developing suitable, innovative solutions and concepts which are not only sustainable, but also utilized with pleasure and appreciated by my clients is my fortune. As a young creative I approach my goals with fresh and eager passion.


For my projects I particularly use my experience and connections I gathered from my working in overseas, such as the US and Asia. By using my empathy, unique strategies and my intuition I design powerful stories and convincing products for my future driven clients. With the help of the 5Wx-Team I will create tomorrow’s life and meaningful stories. Especially in the fields of Storytelling, Future Technologies, Nutrition and Engineering I have great expertise due to my ongoing studies.


 I’m looking forward to hearing from you!