We develop and realize ventures as initiators, moderators and integrators with other partners. Our declared goal is to establish independent companies that can operate successfully in their respective market environments.


We see ourselves as experts for screenings of individual industries in the interaction of social developments, as well as for the prospection by individual scenarios (on the basis of our X-Paper studies). Individual scenarios are then prototypically tested in order to assess the actual economic potential. For this purpose we use our own methodology kit, which we call the Business Innovation Board.


We are a kind of biotope in our own right with every business start-up. The way we think and work, we try not only to create meaning for and with others, but also to realize our own goals. Why do we do this? Let us simply call it the joy of shaping our world.


On a large as well as on a small scale. What else can be more satisfying than helping an idea to succeed that has a value in our society and ours. And in the best case, this value serves everyone. This is what we mean in essence when we position 5WX new ventures with three terms:


create future value