Mahak Chhajer

I have always been fascinated by the idea of giving form to something that does not currently exist. In this rapidly changing world, where needs and aspirations are constantly evolving, we need solutions that are symbols of positive change. How can we foster a generation of innovators who are conscious, pro-active and futuristic? And, how can this be done globally in a manner that inspires dialogue and collaboration? As a Social entrepreneur, Design Thinker and passionate Educator, these are critical questions for me. I challenge myself every day to create new forms of learning that are ever-growing, adapted to changing needs and life-long. My objective is to leverage education to ensure a systemic change and culture of positive impact at every level of human development. 


Uncertainties of the future necessitate openness to change. Education is a key enabler in bringing about this openness and creating an eco-system for innovation. Generation Z needs to be creative, empathetic, foresighted, conscious and global in its outlook. Through quick interventions and micro-learning modules, my work focusses on building a future-ready, agile mindset in students, institutions and organizations. Innovation is a mindset and Design Thinking transforms this mindset into tangible actions. I work with students, educational institutions, start-ups and impact organizations to bring about this transformation. 


My aim is to create new models of education that are learner-centric, accessible and scalable with a global outlook. Given the nature of growth that we see in the world today, no industry, including education can work in a silo. Hence, there is a need to bring about collaboration and dialogue while acknowledging the intricacies of social contexts and growing needs and aspirations. I believe that the future of education is to support life-long learning that can adapt itself to the changing realities thereby leading to holistic and positive growth for people and organizations.