As of May 2018 onwards, 5Wx has been proud of the ongoing partnership between ourselves and the startup nucaria, of which 5Wx maintains partial ownership.
nucaria is an organization focused on health and well-being with a unique mission: To guide their users on their journey to wellness. A sense of well-being is highly personal to the individual, so to further their aim nucaria developed personalized meal-supplements delivered conveniently through an online portal allowing for direct distribution right to your door. The more ambitious part of their mission is that they hope this relationship won’t stop there, but provide a foundation on which to build a more balanced life for years to come. 

Together with our partner Fuenfwerken, we continue to support the development of nucaria’s brand, and vision, to ensure successful market entry and sustainable growth. 

In addition to Brand-Positioning, Field Research, and the development of User-Journeys and Personas, we created Development Models that nucaria can use to compliment their business strategies so that they may reach their full potential as a developing company.

In effect, we helped nucaria achieve a prior-to unidentified goal: developing wellness as a service for the German market.