Prof. Dr. Sven Rispas

Entrepreneurship means solving problems creatively – with personal energy, like-minded people and economical means. Sometimes entrepreneurship is a marathon, and sometimes a sprint, and very often a lot of sprints. It is always a teamwork and you need virtuosos partners who respect each other and the resources our planet has.

My motto is “be daring – be different”. I took it from one of my favorite entrepreneurs: Anita Roddick. Her story is the story of “The Body Shop”. Let´s change the world for the good – with entrepreneurial energy. Another quote I will always remember is taken from Günter Faltin: “Take a problem and turn it into an opportunity”

My background as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and as a professor for entrepreneurship enables me to see things differently and come up with new soultions. I love to combine business skills with valuable insights I learned as a yoga teacher and triathlete.