Rolf Mehnert

To discover the whole picture, to imagine the possibilities and to design them drive me. During my training as a typesetter, I learned how to combine individual letters into the complete form using lead typesetting in order to “deposit” them into their components after printing. In both activities it was very important to pay attention to details and not to mix the different fonts.


After the very historical beginning I soon worked with one of the first desktop publishing computers on the market – the Macintosh. Instead of planning everything in advance and type by type, it was all about the game, the intuitive design and the exploitation of the unlimited possibilities. This has taught me to appreciate the value of system and creativity in equal measure.


In the following study of communication design I was able to deal with content instead of rules and technology. As a founding member of Fuenfwerken Design AG, I have been able to get to know and advise many companies in a wide variety of industries, organisations and people over the past 20 years. With an MBA in Business Design 2006 at the Zollverein School of Business and Design, I am still active today as an initiator and sparring partner in change processes and the redesign of business models. My focus is on authenticity and beauty as the essence of quality.