The idea and the impulse for the 5WX new ventures GmbH was born in the same way as companies are supposed to come into being.


5WX sees itself as a team of strategic and innovative minds from different disciplines, motivations and generations. We accompany digital transformation in social, economic and technical contexts. We consider responsibility and the inclusion of complex realities, as they are already emerging today for the future, as drivers for change..


Three fields of opportunities to get ready for the digital age and have a positive impact.

We value and concentrate first and foremost on people who a create this world every day with what they do.

We trust in the power of iterations that make the complexity of our world and its future more understandable.

We believe that change always has many influences that should be re-organized and understood.

How it all started

It was the result and the logical step of people who wanted to do something. Carl Frech and Jeremias Schmitt met at the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam and developed the idea for the 5WX. With the entrepreneurial background of Carl as partner, strategic consultant and chairman of the supervisory board at Fuenfwerken Design AG, the larger idea of a joint foundation with Fuenfwerken was born.

Our playground

Check out the latest thoughts and ideas here Carl’s Corner.